RIoT hosts multiple IoT focused education series known as RIoT ED. The goal is to help educate business leaders, developers, and engineers on the IoT economy, how to adapt, and how to scale.

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Lunch & Learn Event Series

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Building Applications for Your Connected Product
Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fabio Rosa, CEO of Tago, will show how easy and quick you can complete your IoT ecosystem with Tago. Its unique setup process to build dashboards and analytics makes it possible to implement solutions with aggressive cost and deadlines. Tago contains all the modules needed to implement an IoT project, such as device management, data storage, real-time data visualization, custom analytics, mobile App, and notifications. You will be ready to start your own project and get a high level of customization for your product.

Big Belly Smart Waste and Recycling Management System
Thursday, February 8, 2018

Join Ken Kutner and Larry Holt as they review the technology behind Bigbelly smart compactors. Deployed across all 50 states, the Canadian provinces, and over 50 countries, Bigbelly continues to modernize and transform waste management – distributed by customers embracing 13,709.539 compactions, 2,456,062 collections, and 18,304,538 IoT connections last year.

Connection to Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc) with Embedded MCU Frameworks
Thursday, February 15, 2018

Steve Sager, Renesas Principal FAE will show how easily and quickly you can achieve cloud connectivity with the Renesas Synergy Platform. This platform uses ThreadX as the RTOS (a well known and used standard). The Lunch and Learn will include a demo of the system, the tools Renesas has put in place to allow a user to prototype a connected system on the web and an overview of the embedded tools they use to achieve this. Renesas has implemented frameworks in software to support a number of WiFi module, Cellular module and BLE. The frameworks make the main code not care what the “pipe” is that is being used.

HMI & Interconnect for Your IoT Designs
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Join Sam Martin and Tim Sweet of DNA Group as they provide HMI and connectivity solution technologies for your IoT designs. DNA Group is an integrated solutions provider with a focus on the human to machine interface, connectivity, engineered lighting, and electromechanical module design and assembly. Understanding human factors engineering, the constraints of a manufacturable design, and the technologies required to physically connect a solution to the network are essential tools for a successful product launch.

IoT Project Justification : A lesson into how executives evaluate opportunities for investment.
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Are you struggling to gain management support for an IoT initiative or wonder what criteria executives use when deciding where to apply the firm’s resources? Despite IoT being the 4th industrial revolution, proposals for IoT initiatives must still compete for corporate resources or investment dollars. Join Ron Pascuzzi, SVP Sales and Marketing for Bridgera LLC, will help you understand the economical drivers that enterprise executives apply when deciding which projects they will fund and which they will leave on the shelf so that you can be better prepared when you pitch your next IoT idea.

Architecting an IoT Solution for Data Collection and Analysis
Thursday, March 15, 2018

The IoT is as much a concept and an architecture as it a technology. How you design and build your IoT system — from sensor to central data repository — can directly affect the success of your IoT Project. Designing your IoT architecture for maximum availability of data and for monitoring is a key to success. David Simmons from InfluxDB is going to walk through the architecting and building of an end-to-end IoT solution for collecting, monitoring and visualizing data from IoT Sensors both at the edge and in a central repository. He will show both hardware and software components used in a complete end-to-end monitoring data collection system.

Finding the best components for your IoT design is easier than you think.
Thursday, March 22, 2018

Join Ed Baca, IoT Technical Marketing Manager of TTI, Inc. He will show you how finding the right IoT Sensor, Microcontroller, RF Passive or Active Component, Power Supply, Connector, Wireless Module or Video Solution is very easy when working with TTI. TTI, Inc. is a specialist in electronic component distribution and is part of the TTI family of companies including Symmetry Electronics, Mouser Electronics and Sager Electronics.

Learn More about Our RIoT ED Project

RIoT connects technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professional tinkerers with a stake in the Internet of Things industry — and through RIoT ED, we hope to help these groups and their supporters learn new technologies and to create new opportunities.

Born from direct feedback from the RIoT community, RIoT ED consists of two different tracks: Developer Days and The MBA in IoT.

Our “Developer Days” provide an opportunity for engineers to touch and feel the latest IoT innovations directly from the companies building them. This workshop includes revolving sessions from 5 or more companies displaying their hardware and software.

This is for the hard core developer or engineer that is looking a few years into the future or actively working on an IoT project today.

RIoT caters a separate track for the business professionals and the non-engineers. Known as “The “MBA in IoT”, this four part program covers the overall IoT opportunity, technology components, data tools, and design practices required to be successful in the IoT economy.

Participants leave the class understanding how to scope and move forward with an IoT project.